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Kelley & Kelley Nursery
                2325 Watertown Road, Long Lake, MN 55356
                        Hours: Monday-Saturday 8:00-4:30

                                FALL CHORES

Fresh days and crisp nights put us in the mind of fall and all the outdoor chores that tag along with the season.  Every autumn brings the question, "Should I clean up the garden now or wait' til spring?".  Our answer, as ever, is "yes".  That is, clean up what calls out to be cleaned up now,  but leave the rest for spring, when a thorough  tidying up can be undertaken.  Yank out all annuals, of course, and cut down perennials such as Hosta and Daylilies - plants that turn squishy come October and are not much fun to deal with in spring.  Leave standing perennials that might provide winter texture and food for wintering birds.  Things such as Joe Pye weed, Sedums, Alliums, Ferns, Siberian Iris and certain grasses are spared the shears' til spring in our gardens.  Spring is always the time when we have more energy for that kind of task anyway.  Fall should provide the weary gardener at least a speck of time to just sit and enjoy it all.


Employment Opportunities

Position open at our garden center and on our Landscaping crews.

1. Garden center staff responsibilities include 
helping customers, watering and keeping the grounds tidy can be part time.

2. Landscape crew responsibilities include planting and maintenance of residential properties, full time.

Call 952-473-7337 for details


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