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This & That from Steve

    Now is it safe to put away the snowblower for another year? I vote yes, but then I voted in the same manner before the last Freakish snowfall.

    I know we seem to have cause to fret and fume over the winter just past, but in considering friends in other parts of the state (or the world, for that matter) I doubt we had it so bad, weather-wise. For instance, from Arizona, reports of dry and unseasonably warm at times, from California, not enough rain, from Washington State, too much, from the East Coast, unappreciated snow storms. It's all relative. At least we expect a bit of weather and know how to cope with it.

    The greenhouse helped my winter zip by. Daily there were little matters to attend to - propagating, potting, watering, looking after storage plants.  I could dream I was on some tropical island the growth was so lush. 

    But now Spring's upon us and thoughts turn to outside. Tulips and daffodils, scilla and crocus are emerging. It won't be long now. Also, unfortunately, much damage to evergreens - yews and junipers, but pines and spruce - seems worse than usual. Again, we can deal with it. 

    Hope your winter went by effortlessly. Having a real Minnesota winter makes spring all the more welcome. 


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